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Production Formats and Delivery

"Art for art's sake" can get pretty expensive, but there's no denying that the right shot on the right medium looks drop-dead gorgeous. We have produced hundreds of programs in 16mm and 35mm film and all video formats - including DV and HD video. Choosing the production format is more than a question of budget, there are many other variables. But the production format is only one consideration. How you deliver the finished product should be one of the first orders of business in your production plan.  We have experience with traditional videotape and broadcast, satellite delivery and multimedia streaming video for internet and computer based training projects. Our producers will help you decide the best production format and delivery method for your project to ensure the most effective way to reach your audience and still stay within your budget. We can also help you integrate your new project into existing desktop applications and presentations.  

For more information please contact:

Paul Wimmer

703 841-0369