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Pictureworks provides a wide variety of creative services to members of the intelligence community, all military services and a wide variety of federal agencies and contractors. We are known for bringing the same high quality and creativity that has won awards for commercial clients such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel and The History Channel to our Government projects. We are experienced in producing content for video, film, CD and DVD as well as streaming content for intranet and Internet delivery. 


Without exception, our projects have been delivered by the client-designated deadline, within budget and exceeding the expectations of the customer. Our Government work has focused on program briefing and recruiting videos, scenario developments and dramatic reenactments (used as stand-alone products or incorporated into war games), and government/military training programs (both video based and CBT). We work equally well as a stand-alone resource or in conjunction with other in-house or contracted resources.


We can provide staff and crews with extensive international travel and production experience working on Government projects at all levels. 


Passport to Service

Solar Sunrise


Global Disaster Information Network

For more information please contact:

Paul Wimmer

703 841-0369