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Production & Post-production

This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. Even a great production plan can fail if it isn't executed well. We provide a full staff of professionals for your project, including  writers, composers, camera crew and graphic artists. Our logistical wizards make sure that everything on the production is taken care of long before the shoot begins. 

But sometimes things happen that are outside of anyone's control. We know how to plan for the unexpected, and that's where our experience makes the difference between a cancelled shoot and a creative alternative.  Our crews have been around the world, worked in extreme situations and enjoy what they do. When the shoot begins, we are in our element and you will see why our client and crew list grows primarily through referrals and repeat business.

When the shoot is finished, we make sure the editing goes as smoothly as the field production. It's easy to get sold on the latest bells and whistles in the world of post-production, and your project probably doesn't need every new gizmo under the sun. But when it does we know how to use it. Our extensive experience with post-production guarantees the best combination of tried-and-true techniques and the latest technologies. 


For more information please contact:

Paul Wimmer

703 841-0369